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Helen McLaughlin

Helen is a wheelchair dancer, Associate Artist and Board Member at ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, and a Dance Ambassador at One Dance UK. Alongside this, she is also an MSc Psychotherapy Trainee. Helen is a 2-time national champion wheelchair dance team member and a World Inclusive Festival champion team member. As an artist, Helen has a passion for communicating experiences and storytelling through dance. She is also a passionate advocate of inclusive dance, throughout her work promoting the message “if you want to dance, there is a place for you in dance!

What inspires you about Critical Mass?

I had the opportunity to be a Young Leader on the Beyond Borders and Beyond Borders Live projects, and as cliché as it may sound, the people I met and the experiences I had really did change my life. Growing up, I experienced lots of barriers and discrimination accessing dance as the only person in my dance class who wasn’t allowed to perform. Eventually I stopped dance without an inclusive group in my area that could meet my needs, but the passion stayed and four and a half years ago I was able to pick this up again with an inclusive dance group starting in my area. Through the Beyond Borders and Beyond Borders Live projects, I had so many first-time experiences from having the opportunity to create a prequel film, to performing in it, facilitating creative collaboration and creating and teaching choreography. I also had the opportunity to spend a day at Stopgap Dance Company. Through all of my experiences and the team’s amazing support, I realised that I don’t need to change to belong in the dance sector. I’ve gained a new confidence in myself and my movement, and am now experiencing a career in the dance sector. The impact has been huge for me and my life, and I’m really excited about the potential impact of Critical Mass and its legacy for other individuals and the dance sector.

Helen Mclaughlin - Critical Mas Steering Group Team Member

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